We have completed many robotic cutting applications, using both routers and plasma cutters.

Plastic Routing

In one such application a router was used to cut profiles out of molded plastic sheet. The system was setup so that profiles constructed in CAD could be saved as DXF files, then converted to co-ordinates used by the robot. Once converted and downloaded to the robot, the robot would follow the profile exactly as per the CAD drawing. This form of off-line programming has the following advantages:

  • Profiles can be programmed off-line while the robot is still in production
  • Greater accuracy can be achieved
  • Overall setup time is reduced
  • More effective re-use of common profiles in different locations and orientations can be achieved

Robotic Plasma Cutter

We have fitted plasma cutters to many of our welding robots. This allows our customers to get multiple uses out of their robots. The welding torch can be interchanged with the cutting torch, making the change over from robotic welder to robotic plasma cutter quick and easy.

Plasma Cutting General Information:

Plasma cutting is a process used to cut steel and other metals and any electrically conductive material, using a plasma torch, which uses a powerful electric arc to create plasma out of a blast of ordinary dried air to vaporize or literally “plasmatize” the medium which is being cut.